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More photoparanoia

This is nuts. In Duluth, a chorale group performed before and during a board of education meeting. One of the board members took some photos of the group. The choir director says it made some of the students uncomfortable, and he sent emails asking why the member took the photos.

Seriously. It’s a performing group. They’re in the public eye. They’ve never been photographed in action before?

And the board meetings are open to the public and are videotaped by TV stations and audience members. Did they complain about being seen on the evening news?

Choir director: “When it comes to my students, I take safety issues very seriously.” So being photographed by an elected official is a safety concern?

Board member Glass: “I occasionally take pictures of things that catch my fancy. The reality is that the group was part of the audience that gets filmed. It’s part of living in a free society.”

Yes, it really is.

"The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own." - Susan Sontag, On Photography
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