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Flood Cleanup

Went to Clendenin WV to participate in some cleanup work following the recent flood. It’s not just water in houses, the river left mud and debris inside and out. Lots of outside help happening in this town, and the folks here appreciate it. Lots more to do.

Tetanus shots sign

Tetanus shots

Post office

Emergency suspension of postal operations

Debris in the center of town

Debris in the center of town

Swan on mud lake

Swan on mud lake

Nazarene church: home repair and showers

Nazarene church: home repair and showers


Piles of debris in front of almost every home


Abandoned raincoat

Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen

Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen They proudly serve Miracle Whip. Not kidding.

Hello Kitty backpack

Hello Kitty in a tree about five feet above the parking lot

God Bless sign

God Bless

Wedding dress drying outside

An elderly widower hung his late wife’s wedding dress out to dry

This 1948 newspaper was behind the drywall of one house; the lead article talks about flooding on the same Elk River that wrecked this community a couple of weeks ago.

Newspaper headline about 1948 flood in same area


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