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A pinhole wedding photographer

Not me, I love pinhole cameras, but the first question I’m usually asked during the potential wedding photographer interview is “How long will the formal portraits take, because we don’t want to keep the guests waiting.”

So I was surprised at finding the website of Sheila Bocchine, who (among other pinhole projects) photographs weddings with a pinhole camera. Imagine getting the bride and groom to hold still for several minutes while you take a portrait, or having a client that’s more interested in your interpretation of the event than the literal translation. This isn’t photojournalist-style wedding photography. It requires a lot of cooperation from the subjects, and some serious out-of-the-oatmeal-box thinking on the part of the photographer. (Note the “intimate” photos of wedding cakes)

Cool stuff! Good luck!

"The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own." - Susan Sontag, On Photography
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