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Run the Bluegrass

So I did this crazy thing over the weekend. My wife and daughter were going to run a half-marathon in Kentucky, and I decided to run the new 3.65 mile “Yearling” race they added this year.


I’d run a couple of 5K races locally, but I didn’t realize quite how hilly the area around Keeneland (where the race began) really is, until I had to slog up and down those hills on foot. However, it was rather picturesque.


Field minion


Race watchers

But those mileage signs were coming up fast enough for my liking.


It was also very windy that day, with 50mph gusts that I know had a big effect on a lot of the runners.

After it was over, as I walked to the car, I saw these sneakers abandoned at the starting line.


I wonder if the owner ran barefoot?

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